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You Are Not Alone....There Are More of Us

Welcome to A Prophet's Life

Welcome home. We are a community of prophets, prophetic people, and the people that lead them - discussing our walk with God. We are learning and growing daily and trusting God with every detail of our lives. 

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We are so excited that you've decided to join us for Lord Make Us One - not only our Anniversary Celebrations but also an authentic encounter with God. Our prayer is that you will get direction for 2024...that God would confirm His word and manifest His promises in your life. The weekend promises to be a time of encouragement, equipping and impartation. Prepare to worship, fellowship, be refreshed and transformed. You're gonna gain insight and leave with clarity about what lies ahead.

We are so grateful that you'll be there. Now more than ever we need UNITY.


Be encouraged,

Elder Michele & Pastor VaShone

Praying Together

Prophets Are People Too

Yes, I know it's hard to believe but Prophets are people too. We laugh and have fun. We marry and have families. We have struggles great and small. We have to believe God to help us the same way anybody else in the body of Christ does. Our entire lives have been given to see the agenda of heaven manifest in the earth and sometimes that manifestation begins in us personally. That can make us seem a little weird at times or socially awkward. Ultimately we love what God loves and we hate what God hates - sometimes that doesn't make us popular. We've learned to walk alone most of the time. We're learning to be alright with that. Pray for us. Encourage us. Join us.

About APL

A Prophet's Life (APL) is the ministry of Elder Michele Brown. It is an online community of prophets, prophetic people, and the people that lead them - discussing the prophetic mantle, ministry, and our walk with God. Founded in December 2020, APL's mission is to encourage and equip the next generation of prophets in the earth and to partner with God to see His Kingdom come and His will be done in the earth as it is in heaven. We know that this establishment begins with the voice of the prophet, declaring the will of God and the mind of God in the earth. We endeavor to offer wise counsel, sound doctrine, and some joy for the journey which can be solitary and isolating in its execution. We have as a community committed to giving God a complete and lifelong YES.  Won't you join us?

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APL 2021
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