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Michele R. Brown

Leader & Founder

Our Leader

Elder Michele Brown was raised in the Baptist church. She likes to say that she is Baptist born, Baptist bred and when she dies she'll be Baptist dead. Second Baptist Church of Burlington was where she accepted Christ as Savior at nine years old and was the last child baptized by Rev. James Wiltshire.

She learned who God is, how much He loves her, and the power of God's Word. As a teen, she served as a Junior Usher and Missionary. Gathering fans after service, God spoke to her clearly and told her that He had plans for her. Her honest reply was "Aww man! How am I gonna have any fun?" And so began her journey of fellowship and discovery with the God whose feet sit on the circle of the earth.

When the time came for her to understand the realm of the spirit, she began worshipping at a small Pentecostal church in Brooklyn, NY, House of the Lord Church, pastored by Bishop Herbert Daughtry. There she saw the power of the Holy Ghost and His transformative presence in worship and the lives of believers. She also learned about the move of God and how our lives in the community were our greatest witness.

She learned how real God could be. In 2003 she was licensed for ministry by Bishop Bergeta G. Allen (Big Ma) who taught her many things about the spirit realm and confirmed her prophetic mantle, called out of the book of Ezekiel. She was ordained in Oakland, CA, by Bishop Keith L. Clark at Word Assembly in 2008 with a perfect score on her written and oral examination. When ordained, Bishop Clark distinguished her with the title Elder for her wisdom and contribution.

Elder Michele is a governmental prophet, called to serve leaders and to transform organizations and institutions. She is also a scribe, keeper of the record of God's work in the earth. She is a trainer, sharing with other prophets how to live this life by God's grace and to His glory alone.

Now God has called her to gather prophets of every type and kind to impart all that she has learned and to create a platform for others to do likewise. A Prophet's Life is the institutional manifestation of the YES she gave God in 2003 and continues to give Him now.

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